Wake up to a good hair day every day.

Let’s sleep together.

Made from 100% washable, all-natural silk, NiteCaps and scrunchies extend the life of your blowout and style, ending bedhead, frizz, damage and bad hair days, once and for all.

What makes silk so dreamy?

Cotton pillowcases (aka hair’s nightmare) grab and twist strands leading to split ends and breakage. Silk’s ultra-smooth surface eliminates hair-damaging friction, locks in moisture and distributes hair’s healthy natural oils. Plus, it supports thinning hair and protects follicles, creating the optimal environment for growth all night long.

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Sustainable Chic.


NiteCap is proudly made in Canada, at a female owned and operated garment production company with 100%, non-toxic, all natural silk.

NiteCap’s silk scrunchies are made with off-cuts to ensure as little waste as possible. The NiteCap also comes in a reusable velvet travel sack.

Did you know when you care for your hair, you care for the earth, too?


The average 10-minute shower uses approximately 20 gallons of water. And heat styling tools like hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons use a ton of energy. The less you wash your hair, the more good you are doing for the planet.

Reset, renew, reconnect.


Time is the ultimate luxury. Especially you-time. For most of us, that comes at the end of the day when our head hits the pillow. We believe you should be 100% you in your downtime, and have rituals that make you feel your absolute best. Be it wrapping your hair in a silk NiteCap, or eating chocolate in bed after you’ve brushed your teeth…

















Wearing a bonnet at night can offer several benefits, especially for individuals with certain hair types and concerns. Here are some of the advantages of wearing a bonnet while sleeping:

  1. Protection for Hair: Bonnets provide a protective barrier that shields your hair from friction, tangling, and breakage caused by rubbing against pillowcases and sheets. This is particularly important for individuals with delicate or textured hair types, such as curly, coily, or kinky hair.
  2. Preservation of Hairstyles: If you’ve spent time, money, and effort to buy blow dryers with tons of attachments like this one for styling your hair, a bonnet can help maintain your hairstyle overnight. Whether it’s a fresh blowout, curls, or braids, a bonnet helps preserve your look and reduce the need for daily restyling.
  3. Retains Moisture: Wearing a bonnet can help lock in moisture in your hair. It prevents your hair from drying out due to exposure to the dry air of your bedroom or the absorbent nature of some bedding materials.
  4. Reduces Frizz: Bonnets can minimize frizz and flyaways by keeping your hair in place and preventing it from rubbing against abrasive surfaces.
  5. Protects Hair from Environmental Factors: If you live in a region with high humidity or other environmental factors that can affect your hair, a bonnet can act as a barrier to shield your hair from these elements, helping to maintain your desired style.
  6. Lessens the Need for Daily Styling: With a bonnet, you may not need to style your hair as frequently, which can save you time and reduce the exposure of your hair to heat styling tools and chemicals, promoting healthier hair in the long run.
  7. Eases Morning Routine: Bonnets can make your morning routine more efficient. You can wake up with your hair in better condition, requiring less effort to style and groom.
  8. Minimizes Tangling: For those with long hair, bonnets can prevent tangling and knot formation during sleep, making it easier to detangle your hair when you wake up.
  9. Extends the Lifespan of Hairstyles: If you’ve invested in a professional hairstyle or extensions, wearing a bonnet can extend the longevity of your look, saving you money on frequent salon visits.
  10. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth: By protecting your hair from damage and breakage, wearing a bonnet can contribute to the overall health of your hair and support healthy growth over time.

“A nouveau-granny nightcap to preserve her blowout”

“For all the chic moms out there.”

“That’s a wrap! Solving an acne issue might be as simple as pulling hair back off your face as you sleep ”