Ever woke up to discover your hair appears to have had a wild night of its own? Does your skin look better when your hair is tied up and back? It’s a fact – hair can cause acne due to both natural oils and product build-up.

While planning her wedding, NiteCap Founder Sarah Marantz Lindenberg was experiencing breakouts on her face, neck and back. She began sleeping with a vintage silk scarf to preserve her hair and complexion. To her delight, she noticed how much better her hair looked in the morning, her blowouts lasted longer and yes, her skin improved too.

During her pregnancy with twin girls, Sarah was required to go on bed rest – allowing her time to grow the idea of silk sleepwear for hair. She was inspired by the delicate benefits of this luxurious fabric along with the rich history of hair wrapping. Although silk scarves were easy to find, Sarah wanted something more – a functional and aesthetic system that left no waste. The designs, fabric sourcing and testing began and one year later in 2019, NiteCap was born. We hope you will enjoy the benefits of NiteCap and share our passion for sustainable production and female-owned and operated entrepreneurial spirit.